Eye Checkup Camp @ Bori, Pen, Raigad, Maharashtra

Javab foundation organized an eye camp in Bori village for villagers and people from surrounding areas on the 24 October 2021, where 280 people of all ages came and had their eyes tested for common vision problems like myopia and, hypermetropia. 159 eyeglasses were distributed for free based on their diagnosis / vision correction requirements. We had a team of Opticians and optometrists from Dr. Vision, Mumbai who spent their valuable time over the weekend to provide their services to the needy. Volunteers from Javab, and from among the villagers from Bori contributed to this noble cause and helped make the campaign a great success!

Most of the people who came to the camp were from the underprivileged sections of the society who could not afford glasses and the cost of an optometrist testing their vision, and among those that could afford the costs, there was low awareness about vision issues in general.

Therefore the initiative was greatly appreciated by the villagers and became a huge success with so many people eagerly coming and getting examined. The free glasses were also well received and appreciated by the receivers. People left the premises happy and with a better vision where they could get the glasses to correct their vision.

The whole campaign was organized by Javab foundation, funded by Bioxera and the cause was supported by a group of volunteers from among the villagers. The team was there for the whole day working hard to contribute towards better health and vision for the people. See glimpses of the camp in our picture gallery below, and if you would like to be a part of such campaigns or volunteer with us in the future, write to us at info@javabfoundation.in