Javab foundation is working towards completing various projects for improving the livelihood of the people in the rural areas of Raigad, Maharashtra. Some upcoming projects, and proposed improvements, where you can lend a helping hand are mentioned here. Please write to us at if you want to know more and support us in making a difference!

Gym: Village Bori – Public Gym Repair and Renovation
What – There are two public gyms. One in Bori and another one in Beneghat village. Beneghat gym needs support in terms of equipment and some civil repairs need to be carried out. The gym in the Bori village, on the other hand is in a very bad shape and needs immediate repairs. Leaking roof, collapsed floor, completely broken windows and door, lack of washing / changing room, lack of electrical fixtures, no mirrors, broken exercise equipments tell the sad story of the gym at Bori, which is still being used by the youth who do not have the financial capacity or time to go to better gyms in Wadkhal (1.5 kilometers) or Pen (more than 7 kilometers).

Why - Kabaddi is the lifeline of the youth in the villages in the Raigad district especially in Pen and Alibaug tehsil. The youth look upon the likes of Sanjay Mhatre and Pramod Mhatre both Shiv Chhatrapati Award winner (Highest level of sportsmanship award given by the State of Maharashtra) and they are the pride of Bori village.
The youth regularly work out in the gym to maintain fitness to play kabaddi. Despite having lack of facility like a good gym, the youth keep participating and have also bagged lots of prizes in the local tournaments.
A well-equipped gym might produce a next Shiv Chhatrapati Award winner, yet again from Bori or surrounding villages.

Well functioning gym needs the following
- Roof replacement
- Floor repair
- Tile fixing
- Damaged plaster removal
- plastering of inside and outside walls
- painting
- Toilet construction
- compound wall repair
- windows and door repair/replacement
- Electrical wiring and fixtures
- painting job for entire gym premises
- exercise equipments
- Water tank provision
- drinking water provision (water filter)

The youth will be obliged to receive your help to make this happen! Please write to us at