Follow up Women’s Health Camp @ Bori, Pen, Raigad, Maharashtra

On the 5th of December 2021, Javab foundation helped organize a Women’s health campaign to cater to the needs of the women of our society. A total of 153 women attended. Free consultation was followed by Blood Checkup at the premises, as suggested by the Doctors.

On a special request by the Panchayat, another follow-up camp was conducted for those women who needed further consultation and medication based on the Test reports.

The same was held in February 2022 where they were given free medical supplements on the basis of the reports from the blood tests, and they were also advised on proper diet, nutrition and life style habits as necessary.

Multivitamin tablets, iron supplements, calcium supplements, booster doses of Vitamin D3, and analgesics to cater to period pain, were distributed for free to those women who came for the follow up, based on their blood test reports. Ailments like anemia, low D3 levels and Calcium serum levels were treated by distribution of these medicines and advice on diet and nutrition. Some women were also advised to consult specialists like orthopaedic or gynaecologic doctors for further follow through.

See glimpses of the camp in our picture gallery below, and if you would like to be a part of such campaigns or volunteer with us in the future, write to us at