Javab foundation is working towards completing various projects for improving the livelihood of the people in the rural areas of Raigad, Maharashtra. Some upcoming projects, and proposed improvements, where you can lend a helping hand are mentioned here. Please write to us at if you want to know more and support us in making a difference!

Nivara shade: Village Shinganvat - Crematorium Shade Construction and Repair Work
As you can see from the pictures, the crematorium shade is in a bad shape and needs to be rebuilt. People who reach the location for performing the last rites for the deceased, have to face the harsh sun or the wrath of coastal heavy rains, and it makes the cremation challenging. Javab foundation is trying to repair the crematorium shade for the villagers. Also, Javab is trying to build a small shade which can be used by villagers during rainy season and hot weather. This shade will also be used by school going kids and the villagers as a small makeshift bus stop shade.

We will be obliged to receive your help to make this happen! Please write to us at