Javab foundation is working towards completing various projects for improving the livelihood of the people in the rural areas of Raigad, Maharashtra. Some upcoming projects, and proposed improvements, where you can lend a helping hand are mentioned here. Please write to us at if you want to know more and support us in making a difference!

Playground: Village Bori - Playground Development
What – There is a barren patch of land owned by the village council. The size of the land is a around 2.5 Acres. This can be converted into a park with help of large-scale tree plantation, adding a jogging strip, providing good seating arrangement, provision for toilets and an overhead water storage tank.
This piece of land can be developed into a fully functioning park, for people of all ages residing in the village cluster.

Why - Considering the rapid industrialization and urbanization around the village cluster, soon, all the open lands will be lost. The above-mentioned land is reclaimed using the sludge/waste dumped by the nearby industry. This has caused the soil degradation up to the extent that nothing grows on it. Tree plantation will help restore soil fertility up to some extent.
The developed park will be a boon especially for the senior citizens, children and ladies, as currently there is no place for them to walk, jog, exercise or just relax in the evenings. Kids will have defined place to play. Youth can safely use the park to jog / run instead of using the roads for the same.
How –
- excavation of the hardened soil
- fill the playground with good quality red soil
- plantation around the playground (wherever possible)
- kabaddi playground development
- boundary/compound wall
- provision of toilets
- storage water tank
- miyawaki forest development
- seating arrangement inside the park
- Open/outdoor gym setup
- podium for cultural programs and flag hoisting

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