Teaching School Children Water Conservation & how to Audit Water from leaking taps.

The importance of teaching Children Water Conservation is essential. In November 2023 Newspapers reported that the Maharashtra State Government has declared a Drought in 40 of the 358 Talukas!
Jal Agni Vayu Akash Bhoomi (JAVAB)Foundation, as a part its on-going initiative to spread awareness towards the Environment amongst the citizens of Mumbai conducted sessions on Water Conservation with over 1200 Students of the C.E.S Michael High School Kurla, Somaiya School and Saint Louis High School, Dahisar.
Through Games played and Educative Videos, the kids were able to understand first hand, what children their own age and even younger go through in drought affected Rural areas.
Besides experiencing the pain and effort of carrying water, students received hands-on training on how to conduct a WATER AUDIT. We also distributed Small measure cups amongst the students to help calculate the vast amounts of water that gets wasted every year and thus, create ‘WATER CHAMPIONS’ of Water Conservation.
The whole objective was to create awareness that even a single tap that is leaking leads to 15 to 30 litres of water going down the drain in one day! This was something new even for them.
Through this session, the Children were made also aware of the impact of Drought on migration, health and education in the Rural areas
What We Explored Together:
The Vital Importance of Water and Sustainability
Unravelling the Wonders of the Water Cycle
Challenges faced by Women and Children.
The interdependence of all communities on Water
Likelihood of major cities facing water crisis by 2030
Practical steps on How to conduct a Water Audit in your own Home and SchoolStudents are given the measure cups provided by JAVAB and a homework assignment to do a water audit in their homes and spread the message on their parents’ wats app groups.
Schools will also create a student cell that will periodically Audit the School Washroom and other taps on each floor and report leakage if any to the Teachers for immediate action.
School were taught small games that will initiate and make the kids play regularly that involve ‘Carrying Water’ to keep the issue top of mind.