Women’s Health Camp @ Bori, Pen, Raigad, Maharashtra

Javab foundation helped organize a Women’s health campaign to cater to the needs of the the women of our society.
On the 5th of December 2021, with a team of 3 doctors and 2 laboratory techincians from Apollo Hospital, 3 laboratory personnel from Mahalab, members of the Public Health deptt. ADHS-VBD (Govt. of Maharashtra) & Heart foundation, members from the Javab foundation and a team of volunteers from the Bori village, a women’s health camp was organized in Bori village to contribute towards better health of the women in Bori and surrounding areas. A total of 153 women attended. Free consultation was followed by Blood Checkup at the premises, as suggested by the Doctors. A bone density checkup was done for all the women for free. The initiative was funded by BioXera pharma.

The doctors who provided free consultation, wrote lab tests as required for the women, and JAVAB also distributed medicines for free as per the needs of the women.

Key health markers for women like Fasting and PP sugar, CBC, Serum Calcium, Creatinine, Urine routine and microscopy along with other tests were available on the spot, with no cost to the women, with support from Mahalabs who also tested each woman’s random sugar levels before sending them to the doctor for further examination.

Free of cost ECG test was also available on the spot for those who needed it and the reports were immediately printed and provided to the patients for further investigation and exploration by their family doctors.

Those that were anemic received Iron supplements, those with bone issues received Calcium tablets and Vitamin D3 booster tablets for a month, and everyone was given multivitamin tablets - all of this for free!

The team also used charts, pictures, and other collaterals to spread awareness about Malaria. The aim was to help people realize the reasons and need for maintaining hygiene and proper waste disposal as well as local measures that can be taken up, such as keeping small fish in ponds and preventing stagnation of water. Simple measures for curbing the spread and breeding of mosquitoes in the locality, could result in lower number of Malaria cases and help the people in a big way!

To encourage the team and to boost the energy of the volunteers, we were visited by the Dr. Bhosle, DMO of Raigad who appreciated the hard work and the initiative taken by Javab.

Thanks to our initiative, every woman that left the venue was already feeling more confident about her health and many of them expressed their gratitude to the volunteers and doctors before leaving!

You can see their smiling faces along with the doctors, lab staff and volunteers in our video and slideshow below.
Kudos to the team and the doctors who made this possible! See glimpses of the camp in our picture gallery below, and if you would like to be a part of such campaigns or volunteer with us in the future, write to us at info@javabfoundation.in